I'm light, You're smart. Let’s get to know each other!

Tumaro's journey began in Santa Monica, CA in the early 90’s and quickly became the leading brand in the flavored tortilla category. Gradually, we realized our true calling as a Low-in-Carbs option for people looking for lighter choices. Our appearance in Men’s Health “125 Best Foods for Men” in 2005 became our claim to fame.

It wasn’t until we found a new home with Blue Marble Brands in 2009 that Tumaro's was really able to spread our wings. We branched out into 3 different lines; Low-in-Carbs & Low Calorie, New York Deli-Style and Mexican Style Tortillas. No matter what your culinary craving is, there's a Tumaro's wrap that's perfect for you! Whether you’re counting calories or watching those carbs, who wants to sacrifice and settle for less? ...Not you! Our wraps are the perfect alternative to those high carb/high calorie breads.
We were so excited about our wraps and decided to dress them up in brand new packaging.
Fresh Look? Yes! Bold Colors? Yes!


How 'bout we Skip the Sandwich and get wrapped up together?

- Tumaro's


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