LET’S SKIP THE                               

Low-In-Carb, Low Calorie, and All New!
Let's Skip the Sandwich and get wrapped up together! 


If you're making the decision to switch out your traditional bread with a wholesome alternative, I'm the wrap for you!

Don't be fooled by other wraps either. We've noticed a lot of so-called "low carb" wraps with 200 plus calories on the shelves. 200 plus?!

At Tumaro's, our entire Low-in-Carbs line-up has less than 75 calories and under 10 net carbs, and in plenty of great flavors you know and love. Try one of our NEW innovative, functional flavors: Ancient Grain, 9 Grain with Chia, and Oat with Flax. These are all the trend when it comes to health. 

Whether you've been enjoying wraps for years or are just making the switch today, we're glad you found us.


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